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Break Away River Grapple                                                            
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     I got tired of losing anchors to the Missouri river or having anchors that did not work well. I pulled some steel together done some tinkering and wammo the River Grapple came into being. The anchor has bendable tines and digs in like a fluke anchor. I have yet to lose one or have my testers. It works in all river bottoms but super soft silt (quick sand type stuff). Great for anchoring below dams. Almost zero hang up design. I have made them lighter now the anchor weighs only 12lbs, comes with 4 ft of 5/16 inch coil chain hard welded on and tine tool shown.


     Here it is! Break Away River Grapple. Now a anchor with the River Grapple design but set up for break away for back haul out use. No zip ties, no problem you can still slide the chain in the pipe at the end and use without a Zip Tie! Chains are now hard welded to the back of the anchor. It comes with instructions as well as 2 zip ties to get you going. Its comapact shipping set up make it the perfect back up anchor as well. I have many clients who order one and like it so much they order a second in case of loss of their first.  Its not 100% snagg proof but  close as anthing you will find or get right now on the markert.
    I have had mine on the boat for 3 years on the Missouri River fishing and still have it. As do many of my customers who got their first one. Not to mention almost 100% lock down. No more draggen a non gripping anchor thru a school of nice catfish or walleye and having them scatter. It works double duty as a grapple that digs into dry land banks or over tree limbs to hold you steady and tight where you want to put you boat to catch more fish. As in my case we use to hold the boat not only to fish but trap, hunt and look for morel mushrooms as well.      

Sorry We no longer offer the old style ( non break away river anchor) for sale as it is now discontinued.
How to order a River Grapple. I accept paypal and creditcards. Allow 2 to 4 weeks for shipping. Click on online store at the top of the page for no hassle secure pay pal and ordering information.

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